Brexit – A Chef’s Interpretation


Friday 29th March 7.00pm


Can’t make up your mind

A ‘Split’ 50/50 soup of quintessentially English Leek & Potato versus an Italian inspired Mediterranean Tomato & fennel stuck in the same bowl

Served with a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc


For the Europhiles

Brussels pate with Cameron-alized apple in honour of the PM who started this process, served with Great Briton toast

Served with a Californian Malbec


For the Europhobes

A totally British affair. A united dish of iconic Scottish Smoked Salmon upon Irish Colcannon Potato Cake with local English Black Pudding & crispy fried Welsh Cockles.

Served with a ‘Wee Dram’ a drop of Scotland’s finest (Whiskey) (Wine alternative available)


Going, Going Boeuf Bourgui-Gone

This classic beef stew from Burgundy made with famed Charolais Beef & Burgundy red wine, with the increase in the price of wine with a no deal Brexit it may be time to say goodbye to Burgundy wines as well as Burgundy Passports

Served with a Chilean Carménère


What an Eton Mess!

Another name for Brexit? Served over a Union Jack ‘Falling Pound Cake’

Served with an English Sparkling wine


5 Course Menu £29.50 Per person (Inc. VAT)

Add Flight of wine Special Price £18

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Some of our products may contain or have come in contact with nuts.
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