Spanish Fiesta


Friday 24th May 7.00pm


A Journey around the 6 different culinary regions of Spain


Andalucia – Gazpacho Andaluz (Cold tomato soup)

A refreshing chilled soup originating from southern Spain, a hot & dry region called Andalusia

Served with a glass of citrus white Sangria


The Pyrenees – Tapas

Serrano ham & manchego cheese with rustic baguette toasts. The cheese named after the manchega sheep that moved over the pyrenees and settled at La Mancha (land of no water in arabic) adopting the environment and thriving

Served with a glass of Traditional Sangria


Central Spain – Patatas bravas Picadillo

Spicy pork marinated in paprika, garlic & wine served with fried potatoes. Popular in the region of Castilla-Leon. The name comes from the Spanish word picar which means to mince

Served with Faustino VII Rioja


Eastern Region – Pescado Empedrado de Arroz

Baked fish white beans & rice. Empedrado from the word empedrar which means rocks – a bean salad typical of cataluna and the eastern coast down though Valencia & Murcia, topped with baked white fish fresh herbs & tomato

Served with Vina Esmeralda


Cataluna Region & the Northern Region – Join forces to create a tapas of sweets

Crema Catalana – catalan cream custard with caramelised sugar, older than its French cousin brulee, this is a no bake flavoured custard with citrus rather than vanilla
Bizochos borrachos (drunken sponge) – a light sponge served with a sweet sauce of brandy & lemon spiced with cinnamon to drizzle
Almendrados (Almond cookie) – the Spanish have used almonds in desserts for centuries. This classic cookie is usually served with Spanish coffee (cotardo) for afternoon merienda

Served with a flute of Cava


£32.50 per head (add flight of wine £18 per person)

All Prices inclusive of 20% VAT.   A discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to your bill

Please note some of our products may contain or have come in contact with nuts.

For allergy advice please ask a member of the waiting staff before ordering