A Very Welsh Evening – Gourmet Menu

Croeso Cymreig – A Welsh Welcome


Bara Lawr Cocos (Laver Bread & Cockle Popcorn) with Leek & Lemon Mayonnaise

Welshman’s Caviar is how Richard Burton described laver bread with fresh Penclowdd cockles from the Gower Peninsula fried until crispy served with Pembrokeshire seaweed fried in oats & bacon fat with a leek mayonnaise

Served with Tierra Antica Sauvignon Blanc


Caws Pobi (Welsh rarebit) – creamy & rich baked cheese with mustard & beer atop bread served with slow roasted marinated tomato & poached quails’ egg

Probably the most famous Welsh dish of them all, said to derive from the South Wales Valleys, the Welsh have loved their toasted cheese since medieval times

Served with Carmen Merlot Reserva


Sewin Tatws Rhost (Trout Hotpot) – Braised fillet of trout in dill & white wine sauce with oven baked potato alternately layered with Welsh bacon & sliced onions slowly cooked for 3 hours. Delicious

Served with Muscadet et serve de main sur lie


Cawl Mamgu (Granny’s broth) – Deliciously tender Welsh lamb slowly cooked in a seasonal vegetable broth, traditionally garnished with marigold petals, served with a hunk of wholemeal bread & a chunk of good cheese

Cawl the “all-in-stew” was at one time the staple diet of many Welsh families

Served with Tournee du Sud Pinot Noir


Teisen Lap with Penderyn Sauce – Fruit cake with Penderyn whisky sauce

This simple fruit cake is typical of an everyday cake, made by many Welsh housewives, originally baked on a enamel plate in a Dutch oven before the fire. Teisen is Welsh for cake & Lap means moist so this is just the sort of cake that would have travelled well down the pit in a miners lunch box “snaptin”

Served with Baileys over ice



Lechyd Da – “Cheers”
Good health in Welsh

£27.50 per head (add flight of wine £15.00 per person) £10 per person non-refundable deposit required when booking

All Prices inclusive of 20% VAT. A discretionary 10% Service Charge will be added to parties of 6 or more.
Please note some of our products may contain or have come in contact with nuts.
Please advise us of any allergies when booking