Food Connoisseurs Club

A Wild Night at the Lamb

7.00pm Friday 26th April



5 Course Dinner Plus Amuse Bouche £29.50 per person


Chef Owain has created a Gourmet menu highlighting the
fantastic food from the Countryside


“The trouble is, not only are we all fully sustainable pests, “we’re all delicious as well!”
“Yahoo!” shouted peter “there is no rabbit on the menu, Mr. Meade won’t be looking for us”
Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle was worrying, “you’re ok” said Peter
“they aren’t French you know! I’m sure they won’t eat Hedgehogs even very carefully”
While Mr. Meade was down the lake fishing for fabulous rainbow trout, Peter and his friends helped themselves to his carrots and all kinds of other goodies from his garden.
When he got home and found his garden emptied Mr. Meade thought “I wonder if Chef Owain has a recipe for Rabbit pie”


You choose to either to have the menu & choose your own drinks
or have a small glass of our Specially Selected Wine/Spirit recommendations
with each course at the special additional price of only £18.00 (Normally over £25)


Join us at 7.00pm, for an evening in the middle of the woods


£10 per person Non-refundable deposit required when booking